Friday, July 27, 2007

Teaching Accounting and Grant Writing

I had a large class yesterday. Well, not that large, but the largest on the trip. 15 people within the community came to hear Ann & I teach Accounting & Grant Writing.

There were a few moments that strike me. While I was teaching I was having a hard time figureing out if the workshp paricipants were understanding me or were receptive to my teaching. It was about an hour into my lesson. I was confident 4 people were following along....the others, not sure. A man asked a question....3 people started answering it for me...they were talking about all the things I'd just taught. It was a great moment, my students understood me, so much so that they were anxious to help others understand too! :)

At the end of the session a man said our class was like "what it would be like if I attended university". Another man said "I didn't know we would be so blessed today".

Yestrday was an amazingly rewarding experience all the way around!

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Carlene said...

Auh, that's the greatest achievement a teacher could ever have! Many understood you and they even helped others understand the lesson better. Anyway, what kind of accounting did you teach them? Is it basic? Your students were pretty clever!

--Carlene Schnitzer