Thursday, July 12, 2007

Great Day

Going to the organizations can be really inspiring but also very humbling. Sometimes I feel like we may not be able to communicate past cultural lines. However, today I feel like we had a really great session. The group we were working with was very responsive to our accounting workshop and gave us great feedback. They were a group of leaders from a few different organizations and they all knew each other well so they had a great group dynamic. We are going back tomorrow to work with the same group and I am looking forward to what we will be able to acomplish. Visiting these organizations makes me better prepared about the grant proposal writing workshops we will be doing in a couple of weeks since I now have an idea of where the organizations are and what we should cover.

In addition to teaching we have been having lots of other fun exploring Uganda. All eight girls in Jinja are living in one room and I have been pleasently supprised how well we have been able to respect each other's space and different personalities. Sadly a lot of us have been getting sick although I am happy to report I am still feeling well (knock on wood). I credit my ablity to fight off sickness to my sister. When we were children she was always getting sick and I believe this has really bulit up my antibodies.

We have had some great food. The home cooked African food from the organizations we have visited has been probably the freshest food I will ever eat and I love getting to try all the new dishes. We have also visited some great restaurants. A favorite of mine as well as the whole group is a restaurant here in Jinja called 2 Friends. The tables are all outside and since the weather is great we have been eating there almost every night. My favorte resturant in Kampala is an Indian restaurant on the roof of the mall which is also an open-air resturant and has amazing food. We actually when to see Die-Hard at the mall the other day. It was a nice escape but it was kind of hard to concentrate knowing that for a lot of people there this was their only impression of the US.


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