Monday, July 9, 2007

Surprising Peace

Anticipation is such a strange thing in life. We build up these ideas in our heads and these feelings in our hearts as we try to make the unknown more tangible, less scary, before the reality of the anticipated experience assaults all of our senses. Before arriving in Uganda I had anticipated so much and now the truth of experience is blanketing peacefully(at least for now) the preconceived notions of my anticipation. My first impression of flying over Uganda and into Entebbe was how beautiful this country is. The vibrant green of the vegetation beautifully contrasts with the deep red of the earth. It is the most beautifully colored place I have ever seen.

My time here so far has been marked by a deep peace. I anticipated being very nervous and distraught about leaving Grace(my daughter) and coming somewhere so different. However, I really have felt very good about my decision to be here.

I have not yet been to the organizations we are helping (although the group that has been here for two weeks has). Tomorrow will be my first day working with the teachers in these orphanges. Those who have arrived before said the teachers were eager to learn new strategies for their classrooms. The teachers we will train tomorrow have no teacher training. I am excited to finally begin the work i flew all this way to do.
I think the best way to describe my experiences here will be to introduce you to the people i meet.
On the plane I met an incredibly sincere and beautiful Ugandan woman named Margaret. She is working in New York for UNICEF. We discussed for a little bit the initiatives she has worked with in improving girls education around the world. She explained that a huge problem with educating girls in Uganda is that they stop going to school when they hit puperty. They are too embarressed by the changes that are taking place with their bodies, specifically with menstruating and all of the stigmas attached to that here, that they stop being educated. We decided this would be a good issue to discuss in our teacher training here. Margaret had such a peaceful, genuine spirit about her. I felt blessed to travel with her. She was so excited to be returning home for a visit.

I am sure I will have many more people to introduce throughout the next two weeks. For now I am trying to process all of the very new experiences I am having. I am attempting to let go of my anticipated feelings and allow the incredible experience of just being here fully seep in.

Posted by Erin in Uganda

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Wesley Dumont said...

Very nice. Looking forward to more.
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