Thursday, July 12, 2007

Getting There

Marie, Jasmine & Jen went to MOHM again (where we've spent the past 2 days).

Ann, Alex, Erin & Michelle went for our first day at The Aids Orphans Support Trust (TAOST).

we took another motatu (taxi) to this village...always eventful. the the taxis here look like VW Wagons, they're aren't private taxi, but like public hire taxis. the van can comfortably seat 8, uncomfortably 12...or 'Ugandan style'...21. We rode in a mutatu with 21 people!

I'm told it wasn't "that bad" because "last time we had 22 and some chickens".

you know when you're riding on the subway and people jam themselves into your car even when they cant?....this was worse. The difference, it was totally culturally complaining, extra loud sighs or people yelling "YOU CANT FIT!"....the ridiculous reality is, you really cant fit. I think it's questionable on the packed subways.

When we walked up to the taxi, we told them where we were going....the conductor said "get in". I said "Michelle, we cant fit"...there were already 18 people in there. She lowered her head and said "yes". I was puzzled but dove in too.

I'm sure you're wondering HOW?
No sitting on laps. Everyone (except infants) have their tooshes on a seat...just really squished or sideways.

It's completely acceptable and almost unavoidable that EVERYONE has bags, food, stalks of corn, burlap bags, doors, chickens or what ever else they picked up at the market to take home. amazing.

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