Thursday, July 12, 2007


It is hard to explain what it is like to be back in Uganda working with our partnering organizations. It is a combination of emotions. Overwhelming is probably the best word to describe what I am feeling.

I have been so humbled by the amazing progress our partners have made in one year. Ray of Hope has a wall around their facility now. They have dividers in their school. There are currently working on building a tailoring room and a kitchen.

Grace Christian ministries has built a school/church in Iganga. An entire building in one year. And to hear how they were able to build the building is even more humbling. The community came together and constructed the building from scratch.

Message of Hope ministries has built an entire orphanage since we saw them last and have constructed plans for building an entire compound. It was incredible to visit and meet the children that are directly benefiting from their work. Children that did not have a home now have a place to sleep and a home to call their own.

We have not visited our other partnering organizations yet, but I imagine that their progress is similar.

All of this overwhelms me with a sense of responsibility. I know that if we can raise money for these organizations and their projects, they will put them to good use. I know that because I have seen over a one year period what they have been able to accomplish all without our aid. I can not imagine what they would be able to do with our aid, but I want to. I am very excited for this year and for all of the fundraising we are going to do. I believe in MOHM, in AROH, in TAOST, in Ray of Hope, in Grace and in Makindye. I want to see them succeed and I am so humbled to know that they will succeed with or without us.

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Justin said...

Wow, there has been a lot of progress. It is amazing to think what can be accomplished by these organizations with the help of Fount of Mercy.

Keep up the great work!