Friday, August 3, 2007

Reflecting on an Amazing Trip

For the last two weeks a group of 13 adults and 1 teenager from South Reno Baptist Church has been working in Jinja providing technical support for Message of Hope Ministries, Aim for Restoration of Hope and The AIDS Orphan Support Trust.

The team taught education workshops for teachers, conducted public health seminars, lead proposal writing workshops, held pastoral trainings and organized and lead day camps for orphans. Here are some of their thoughts on their trip:

"This trip exceeded my expectations so much!"

"It opened my eyes to other ways of living."

"It was a great experience. I was blessed. The people here love their children. I have learned a lot from them."

"The leaders of these organizations have vision. In spite of all the hardships and poverty they have hope."

"I totally fell in love with Uganda, especially the children, the orphans and all the people associated with the orphanages and the schools. They need all our help and encouragement. I believe they are doing the best they can with what they have, hopefully they will do better with the teaching and advise we helped them with."

"Fount of Mercy is an answer to prayer! During my time in Uganda with Fount of Mercy, I saw a tangible expression of restoration."

"I was overwhelmed with the amount of devastation but then realized I was not here to change the country I was here to change a life."

"The most life changing experience of my life! I will be back here very soon."

"My experience in Uganda was very eye-opening. I am leaving here changed and intending on making trips back to help more."

"The total experience was very rewarding. Without the aid of the Fount of Mercy staff it would have been very difficult to accomplish as much as we were able to do."

"My experience in Uganda has been amazing! I was unsure of what to think initially but am very satisfied with how things went."

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