Monday, January 16, 2012

Vanessa: Community Health Initiative Director

Last January, Fount of Mercy's Community Health Initiative (CHI) launched its pilot program for "Girls Camp." Girls Camp is a two-day course where local girls, ages 9-31, come to learn about all things female.

In Ugandan culture, it is taboo to speak about such topics cross-generationally, leaving young girls to rely on peers for important information. As one would imagine, this information is often times inaccurate and even dangerous. The pilot program was very successful, reaching around 100 girls with empowering information.

This May, I plan to arrive in Uganda for an 8 month stay furthering the work that has been started. This will require a significant amount of fundraising. Our goal is $17,000 in total. We are very excited to see this program reach its full potential, empowering young women with the knowledge they need to protect themselves and improve their quality of life. The main program work I'll be focusing on will be Girls Camp, women's health, community health and teaching through drama skits.

Written by Vanessa Crowley
Fount of Mercy's Community Health Initiative Director

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