Monday, January 30, 2012

Director of Communications: Rebecca Brown

Hi all! I want to invite you to travel with us to Uganda this summer 2012... so, who's in? C'mon... you know you want to go... Uganda is calling your name. =) Ha!

Truly... to those of you who are thinking, considering, or contemplating traveling with us... now's the time to make a decision! =)

Let me share a little story with you...

About a year ago, I decided to take my husband, mother-in-law, and a few friends with me on a two-week trip to Jinja. Not only did I want to be in Uganda working hands-on with our grassroots organizations, but I wanted my family and friends to experience the joy in my work too. So, I dragged them along. =) And they did GREAT WORK! I was so thankful for their eager attitudes and willing service and how they gave 100% to the work FOM is doing in Uganda. That was a trip that I will treasure forever because of the beauty of getting to experience it with family and friends.

So much of my work with Fount of Mercy falls on the "stateside" side of things... managing communication, logistics, work proposals, etc. It's such a gift when I get to actually travel and be a part of the "hands-on" work in Uganda. Not that I don't absolutely LOVE the work I get to do here. =) But, I do want to encourage you to travel with us... and to bring your friends! =)

For those of you who have the time... go.

Do it.

Take 2 weeks and travel to Jinja and do something new... something life-changing for you... and for those we work with.

Thanks in advance... =)

Rebecca Brown
Director of Communications
Fount of Mercy

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