Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Executive Director: Michelle Averna

For those of you unaware, Michelle is part of the heartbeat behind FOM and it's vision. In truth, she began FOM and has carried it to it's current place with passion and incredible leadership. Below is just a whisper of the many things she does for FOM; however, it is important for us to highlight those who invest in our work and keep it moving. And, she is a BIG piece of the movement.

"I started Fount of Mercy close to 6 years ago. Wow, time goes by so fast! The journey of acting as Fount of Mercy's administrator has been an honor filled with learning curves, lessons learned and so many opportunities for personal and professional growth. I am privileged to work with an amazing staff and board who truly own the mission of Fount and keep the wheels of Fount not only spinning but focused, intentional and inventive. Most of my time with Fount is spent working on maintaining our non-profit status, keeping Fount in financial compliance, overseeing program equivalencies, developing our board, fundraising and casting vision for the educational development program. My goal is to wear my many "hats" gracefully.

Michelle Averna
Executive Director and Interim Director of Educational Development

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