Friday, July 16, 2010

Shaking' Like a Polaroid Picture

So although I made a deal with the gym “opener” to open it for me at 7:30 the next three weeks, surprise surprise...guess who didn’t show up. Instead Mmy morning was filled with great conversation with Carly, African tea, and enough pineapple for the rest of my life. We then headed to the office to go out to MOHM. This is a women’s organization that plans activities with each other and supports the women. The women were SO great to work with. With smiles as wide as the world, they came to greet us and take all of our materials.

We made dress forms for our class today. The women were very hands on and really enjoyed the project. MOHM meets at an orphanage every Tuesday so we got to hang out with the kids too. So cute! I wanted to take this little boy home with me; I swear if he could fit into my pocket, I would’ve! My heart has melted... The women cooked us this great lunch: rice and beans with kasava, beef, and this mashed banana thing that is not tasty but I only took a bit.

The women also put on a small dance performance for us which was awesome. I danced with the ladies and they were yelling, laughing, pointing at me and my hips that were shakin’ like a polaroid picture. Although I swear those women have extra joints in their hips... When we returned we got the office a bit more set up and then headed to Barraza for some Indian food and debriefing. The internet is still down since UTL (the biggest internet provider) was down because of the bombing. It should. I’m told, be up and running tomorrow. Thank goodness!
Lindsay Dorcus

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