Friday, July 23, 2010

"Everybody's Working for the Weekend!"

Saturday morning, I went into downtown (Main St.) Jinja to do some souvenir shopping. I actually practiced my Lusoga which was a major success. Luckily I didn't get much past "good morning" and "thank you" but regardless, I pretty much could've passed for a Ugandan. After that, I attended Lusoga lessons. After learning the 6 basic personal pronouns, we moved on to verbs and putting words together. The sound for "n" means "i" or "me" here and unfortunately it changes a ton of other sounds of letters. All 4 of us Americans just looked at each other like, "come again?" Tomorrow is my 3rd lesson and hopefully things will be a bit more clear. After that, Polly and I got a drink (passion fruit mojito!) after too much talk about terrorism, scary books, and rafting the Nile. We then met Jamie for dinner at the only Chinese restaurant in Uganda I think. Since Polly studied chinese history and lived there for a while, she did a phenomenal job ordering! I woke up this morning (Sunday) shakin' in my Trekker Janes, thinking about where I would go for first aid post rafting trip. I lugged my 55 spf and my 98% Deet in my cargo pockets, threw back a passion juice and chapatti, and headed off into the sunrise as I decided to face my day as a rafter of the Nile. After about 10 minutes of "what to do if the raft flips" we literally got into a Grade 6 rapids and held on for dear life. After that, we hopped out, practiced and swam. The water is great! And Mom, all of the bad things you heard (unmentionable on my blog) are untrue so all is well. :) For the rest, we only did a Grade 3. Much more relaxing! The last rapids we did flip the boat and although I swear I wasn't paying any attention during the morning briefing, I, instinctively, hung on to the rope, pushed back from the boat, got slammed under a few waves and came out of the thing virtually unscathed. Bobbi's oar hit her on the nose and she bled a bit but other than that we were good. As we floated down the Nile, we ate pineapple and biscuits for lunch and stopped at the Hairy Lemon. This is honestly a paradise little tiki hut/campground owned my some South African men. Let's just say a raft full of women paired with many South African male accents equaled us staying there for quite a while sippin' on our fruity beverages. This place was out of a movie; quaint little streams and footpaths, jungle like trees, vines, and flowers, people lounging around in bathing suits, no make up and dreadlocks. I could've stayed there forever! After we got back on the boat, we headed back to the camp where they had a HUGE barbeque for us that overlooked Bujagali Falls. All of us agreed that we couldn't think of any better place in the whole world that we'd rather be. It was simply amazing. Unfortunately we couldn't take our camera but honestly, pictures wouldn't have done this place justice. It will forever be in my memory as one of the best places ever! Tonight, Bobbi and I headed to Betty's again to pick up our laundry. We only wanted to stay for 5 minutes. Needless to say, it turned into 2 hours because they wanted to cook for us! Betty got very sad when we said we were going to go; she said she missed us and wanted us to visit more. Although we expressed how full and stuffed we were, they insisted and proceeded to make us matoke, beans and cassava, this omelet thing, and G-nut soup. It was honestly the best African food I've had. Shamilla brought out her patterns and garments and I critiqued them and gave her tips. I told Shamilla and Salima that I would be back on Sunday to say goodbye and that they could cook again. They were so excited to hang out again. I love those two girls. I think if an American 15 and 16 year old would spend 2 hours cooking and discussing sewing/patterning with me I would fall over. They are so mature and loving. It's so refreshing! Back to work tomorrow!

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