Friday, February 26, 2010

Classic African Meal

Those of you who have traveled here with us will recognize the plate of what is essentially all starches. Starting from my thumb (which looks double-jointed or something) you will see 2 types of potato…a sweet and an “irish”, which is a basic spud to us. The white thing with a bite taken out of it is cassava….i am not sure how to describe it except it is starchy and not very flavorful…kind of like yucca? Then there are 2 triangles of some of the sweetest pineapple you’ve ever eaten! The middle is covered with brown rice, which has some of the pork broth over it. There is a piece of pork there, along with a little pile of cabbage at the top. Then there is matoke covered with g-nut sauce. Matoke is a type of banana which is not sweet. It is roasted or cooked until soft, then smashed up. The g-nuts are actually small peanuts, ground up into a sauce and served over the matoke. This plate was served at Peter and Andrew’s graduation. Serving pork is a REALLY big deal here…it is a very nice treat.
Written by Tara Hawks, Fount of Mercy's Vocational Development Director

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