Friday, February 26, 2010

The Hairy Lemon

Because Lori tends to work everyday without taking off, I have been charged by the home office to take her on a vacation. So, we are visiting a place called the “Hairy Lemon” for a long weekend. Yes, that is correct, the “Hairy Lemon”. We had both heard of this place, (which must be reached by wooden boat because it is an island) and are anxious to check it out. A little research online revealed that the name comes from a pub in Ireland, where the owners are from. Although I will be doing some work and trying to get things done before I leave in 2 weeks, Lori will be not allowed. For her, it will be all about reading novels, listening to music, and playing cards.....

So, Lori and I arrived to the “Hairy Lemon” this morning after an hour-long drive with my personal favorite driver, John, through some new villages we had never seen. It was really interesting to feel a new vibe…a very laid-back feeling the farther we got from Jinja. I have gone out to the villages numerous times before, but always in between the major towns of Jinja, Iganga, and Kampala. This was a smaller road and you could sense the remoteness they had and the way their lives were slower than what we are used to. I know this is a very unscientific statement, but that is what this blog is for….the personal perspective of things. You know, this is my 4th trip here, but it is amazing how much there is to learn and discover here. New information and experiences about the culture are always revealing themselves in deeper and deeper ways.

Arriving here at the Hairy Lemon was unique and just set the tone for relaxation immediately. John pulled up to a small area leading down to the water, he took an iron rod and banged on a tire rim hanging from a tree, and within a few minutes a man appeared in a wooden boat to take us back across. Lori is pictured below as we crossed the river to the island. We are here now and the pace has dropped dramatically!! We are right on the Nile River and most of the other guests are kayakers. It is like being at the beach, with the constant sound of rushing water. In a word, BEAUTIFUL. And PEACEFUL. This will definitely be a place of respite. Once we learned to lock our door, which took us no less than 20minutes, we went for lunch and I took a nap. Now, Lori is listening to her ipod and the only thing on our schedule is dinner at 7. I’ll check in eventually, but no promises.
Written by Tara Hawks, Fount of Mercy's Vocational Development Director

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