Thursday, November 21, 2013

Calling all Interns!!!

In our almost 8 years of existence, we have been  fortunate to have many volunteers come our way.  In 2009, we had our first interns begin working with us, and since then, we have almost always had at least 1 intern working in Uganda with us…sometimes 3 at one time!  These amazing, hard-working, smart women have had an integral part of developing our work on the ground.  There is no coffee-making, envelope-stuffing for our interns!   They write curriculum, do hands-on research, teach and train, and set up systems for our work in Uganda.  In short, they are VITAL. 

This is the beauty of being a small organization…we can offer experiences that large ones cannot.  Our interns learn, alongside our staff, and gain knowledge that is invaluable for their future, whether it is as a small business owner, a non-profit staffer, a development worker, a mother, or just a compassionate person.  We are so proud that we have had 2 interns return for a second 6 months with us…even though they are paying their own way to be there!   This tells us that we are doing something right.   

We are suddenly finding ourselves in need of interns.  It is ironic that for the first time, we are actively seeking interns rather than them finding us, but our work is currently at its peak as far as the quality and quantity of projects we have happening in Uganda.  

So, we are putting it out there to our network, and hope that you will pass this along to anyone who may want/need an internship for school credit, or just for life experience.  

Our biggest needs currently are an administration intern and a vocational development intern. 

Administration Intern (1 needed at a time):  Will assist our International Director in the management of the entire organization in Uganda, including training/assisting Ugandan staff, helping with financial organization, researching sources and best-practices, social media, documentation, research, and curriculum writing.

Vocational Intern (1-2 needed at a time):   Will help oversee inventory, quality control, new designs, and general production systems of our scarf project.  Will also continue to oversee the beginning sewing classes, and begin writing an intermediate sewing class.  Social media and documentation will be expected also.  This person may have a fashion or sewing background, entrepreneur or small business experience, and/or strong organizational, production knowledge. 

Interns could arrive as soon as January 2014, and need to commit to at least 3-6 months in-country…up to a year.  All costs are currently the responsibility of the intern, though housing could potentially be offered.  Interns need to be initiative takers, able to work independently, and have self-motivation. Ample time and discussion with occur during the application process to be sure a candidate will be a good fit for our work, and us for their skills and interests.   

Estimated Costs:  Plane Ticket=$1500-2000.  Monthly Expenses Average:  $550/month

Please contact Tara H Nyanga for more information and/or to apply for an internship in 2014.

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