Friday, February 15, 2013

Field Report...Progress on Proposed Piggery

Look at all those pigs!!!!

Fount has been working with the village, Lwanda, to set up a piggery in their community.  The proposal is that its income would support their community school, as well as the individuals who invest their time and energy into the business. 

On December 16, Fount of Mercy, in partnership with Care and Share ministries, organized a piggery workshop in Lwanda village.  Ibirye, a local veterinarian, was hired to conduct the 3 hour training.  There was a large turn out for this event.

The purpose of the workshop was to equip the people with knowledge and basic skills for raising pigs for commercial purposes. The facilitator delivered the information to everyone who attended, and they appreciated the skills implanted in them very much.

The following topics were discussed:

  • Piggery Management Systems:  How pigs on a small or large scale are raised from birth until they are sold.

  • Selection of good pig breeds for commercial business and all the different kinds of good breeds.

  • Medication and feeding

  • Layout of the piggery house and all the necessary needs to build a pig pen.

  • Diseases and their symptoms, plus their control measures.

After such a successful workshop, and thanks to a generous donor, Care and Share Ministries will establish a piggery farm as a side project to support their Nursery school. The project will bring a big development and transformation in the lives of the people involved, as well as the school.

The project will bring in large profits, thus more money will come in from selling the piglets.  These profits will go to support the school, and help guarantee its sustainability, overseen by a committee.

A BIG THANK YOU to Fount of Mercy, and our generous donors, for their sincere generosity and great work towards empowering the communities with basic skills that is causing a great transformation in the lives of Ugandan people.

---written by Julius Wamimbi, Fount's Vocational Associate

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