Monday, February 20, 2012

WAMIMBI JULIUS: Vocational Development Program Associate

We'd like to take a moment to introduce you to Julius. For those who have traveled with us, chances are you already know him well. =)

Julius is a 25 year old business major who goes to school by night and works fulltime for Fount of Mercy during the day. He has known about us and has worked for us in various capacities since 2006. He has worked with us in areas of translating, teaching, running errands, etc. He lives with a younger brother and sister, whom he has essentially raised.

Julius is our Program Associate for the Vocational Development Program. He does all sorts of various things, including keeping track of money spreadsheets, writing reports, running errands, getting money quotes, researching resources, teaching business classes, and following up with our groups as they progress in their vocations and small businesses. He has officially been a part of Fount of Mercy's staff since April 2011. And... we are so pleased with his hard work.

Outside of Fount, Julius has many side projects...including a chicken rearing business and a soda/juice stand. He is a sharp dresser and refuses to get dirty, even when playing with a bunch of kids! He is a little mysterious and is constantly telling us new things about his life that we didn't know before.

We are so thankful for Julius because he will take over the Ugandan side of the Vocational Program once Tara (FOM's Vocational Development Director) heads back to the USA this spring. He is an amazing teacher and is GREAT with people. We are seeing his gifts being used in the ways of guiding groups effectively and setting good expectations with them. He is quickly becoming indispensable to us for these reasons. And for these reasons, we say a great big THANK YOU.

With thanks,
Fount of Mercy

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