Monday, February 13, 2012

Beginning Sewing Class - We're so close!

We've been working hard on developing the beginning sewing curriculum and are almost ready to start training our teachers! It makes us very happy to announce that Nalongo Sarah, our star tailor, has agreed to teach these classes. With the experience Sarah has from teaching individuals on her own time, combined with a collection of detailed lesson plans, students of this class are sure to be well equipped to begin simple businesses of their own upon completion. If all goes as planned, we should be ready to start teaching our first group as soon as late February/ early March!

The purpose behind offering a beginning sewing class is to provide community members with yet another means in which they can generate an income and enrich the lives of their families and communities. Before taking part in a specialized skill program such as the beginning sewing class, group members must first complete our Basic Business Class, from which they will learn how to run and manage a business. Once instilled with these skills the possibilities of success and growth are endless. It is our hope that the students taking these classes will take away not only the skills taught but a sense of drive, determination, and action needed to turn their business dreams into reality.

Written by Sarah Pietruszka
Vocational Development Intern with Fount of Mercy

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