Monday, November 28, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving


We are so thankful for our INTERNS! We have been fortunate to have a consistent flow of interns visiting for at least six months at a time, which has been so helpful in getting our work accomplished. The below was written by one of our interns currently living in Uganda.

"Lately I have been working on developing a Basic Sewing Class curriculum. The aim of these lessons is to teach those with no sewing skills (or very little) the basic sewing principles and techniques needed to create simple yet professional looking items. This course will put an emphasis on striving to produce the highest quality product each individual skill set allows as well as prolonging the life of a sewing machine through regular maintenance.

I have also been working with a group of local tailors to develop and produce Africa shaped Christmas stockings. These stockings will be sold in Kampala at an upcoming craft fair in November. It is my hope that these are products that could be made and sold annually as another small avenue of income for these skilled artisans."

Written by Sarah Pietruszka
Fount of Mercy Vocational Development Intern

We are so thankful for our interns and their work. The time and effort they invest is immeasurable... and this month, we simply want to say a great big THANK YOU!

To you and yours - Hope you had a marvelous Thanksgiving!

With thanks, Fount of Mercy

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