Thursday, May 12, 2011

Focus on Change

This past March, Michelle Johnston taught a group of deaf Ugandan students and a group of teenage boys how to become photographers. Here is what Michelle had to say about teaching photography in Uganda:

" I have been blessed with such an incredible opportunity to teach and be taught. I am so passionately gracious for the chance I've been given in life to do this work, and proud to say that my life lead me here. A huge maybe shy and nervous part of me always knew I wanted to do this work. I always had a passion to come to Africa and I remember wanting to be a photographer from the first time I touched a camera.

I have moments of insane realism here, where I have to stop and remind myself to soak in this moment because this is where I'm making my start. This is where I've started the journey to where I hoped dreams could become reality.

I feel awaken and alive by my students. In my Care & Share group, not a single one of them had EVER used a camera in their life! And on top of that..had never even used a computer! To know that I have taken what I love and love to teach and have shared a huge part of myself and my passion with someone else is incredible. I wish it upon everyone. I'll always look back at this with pride and amazement. I can't believe I am having such a cool opportunity. It's incredibly rejuvenating as a human being."

Written by Michelle Johnston
Fount's Focus on Change Coordinator

Focus on Change exposes vulnerable children in Uganda to the power of art, empowering their voice and emotional development.

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