Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Beads Project

While Liza Morgan was in Uganda with Fount of Mercy this past January she befriended two local jewelry makers in Jinja, Agnes and Irene. Both ladies pride themselves on the quality of their beads and the skills that their mother taught them. Although they always offer a fair price they've had trouble keeping their shop open.

Liza decided that she wanted to support her new Ugandan friends and support Fount of Mercy at the same time. And that's where Liza got her idea for "The Beads Project" fundraiser. Liza brought back 200 necklaces and 100 bracelets. The beads are colorful and beautiful.

Between now and Mother's Day, Liza is excited to share these necklaces and bracelets with you as a donation thank you gift. For a donation of $25 you will receive a bracelet and for a donation of $50 you will receive a beautiful, colorful necklace.

"These beads are perfect for stocking your gift closets. Perfect for holiday presents, teachers gifts or hostess gifts. They're a nice way to say 'I love you' to someone. Or go ahead and get one for yourself... put a little color around your neck just in time for Spring. And don't forget about Mother's Day. I'm betting that everyone of you has a women in your life that you love. Someone that has supported you, that has guided you, laughed with you and cried with you. Maybe it's your mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, wife, teacher or friend. I'm telling you... she'll love these beads. And you will too. So, show some love for the lady you love and in doing so, help Fount of Mercy as they work to empower women in Uganda." -- Liza Morgan

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