Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I Have Learned the Most!

"I am the luckiest girl at these camps," Rita told me on the way home from teaching one of our Girls Camp classes.

The classes are designed to combat the dangerous cycle of misinformation about women's bodies in Uganda, myths which can lead to unplanned pregnancies and HIV infection. The goal of the classes is to replace myths with facts, and to create a generation of women who educate and empower each other.

"Why are you so lucky?" I asked Rita, who had served as translator for each of our sessions this year.

"Because I get to learn and teach this information every day, and I have learned the most!" she said.

She was right - while working as translator, Rita had blossomed in her own knowledge of the subject. After a few classes, she even began teaching parts of the camp herself! Seeing her grasp new information and then pass it along to others with such enthusiasm is exactly what Fount of Mercy's Community Health Initiative is all about.

Written by Vanessa Crowley, Fount's Community Health Initiative Director

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