Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Child Centered Instruction

One of my favorite educational development moments this past year happened while working with two teachers from Care and Share's primary school.

I was sharing with the teachers about the Ministry of Education's new teaching model, moving from 'teacher centered instruction' to 'child centered instruction'. Together, we took a quiz to determine our own learning styles and unique types of intelligences. We found that each of our styles and intelligence's were different.

We discussed, that if I, as the teacher, only taught from my learning style and intelligence that they, as a class, would not be fully engaged. Care and Share's teachers articulated back to me that the only way for all of their students to truly learn is if they teach to each child's learning style and intelligence. We laid down an important foundation that day, one that we will build on together for the next five years.

Written by Michelle Averna
Fount's Executive Director and acting Educational Development Director

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