Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tausi: a seamstress, a leader, a mother...

Tausi caught my attention the very first day I met her....and it wasn't just her bright red head wrap. When all the other women were choosing "inspiration" pictures of landscapes, women holding babies, and flowers, she chose an Andy Warhol painting of Elvis. She liked his red shirt.

Her life has included much more difficult choices than choosing her inspiration. As a widow with 9 children, Tausi could no longer afford to keep all of her children at home. Circumstantially, she was forced to send two of her children to live in a local orphanage. One of the hardest decisions of her life.

Fortunately Tausi wasn't alone. Weekly she attended a sewing class where she received support from other women in similar circumstances as herself. At the suggestion of her teacher, Tausi started to make girls dresses out of second-hand mens' shirts, and in time was able to go in with a friend to buy a sewing machine of their own. It took her a little over a year, but Tausi was finally able to bring her two children home to live where they belong...with her.

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