Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Focus on Change

Sitting in a Starbucks, sipping her iced latte, Jessie had no idea she'd be traveling to Uganda in less than a year. As I shared with her the vision of Fount of Mercy, it was exciting to watch as she captured the heart behind our work. As we discussed how she could partner alongside what was already taking place, I mentioned her photography. Jessie is a gifted photographer with a creative eye and a unique perspective.

As we wondered where she would fit, it became clear she could use her talent in photography. Partnering with our Focus on Change project this January 2011, Jessie taught a photography class for disabled orphans and vulnerable children in Uganda. Writing on her teams blog, Jessie shared, "The point is to be emptied of self, filled with love, and poured out so these kids know they are valuable and have purpose."

From Starbucks to Uganda... this is the story of one volunteer using her life to breathe life into others.

- Rebecca Brown, Fount's Director of Communication

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