Monday, December 16, 2013

Why give to Fount this season?


This season I'm sure that many nonprofits have asked you to donate to their cause. Why, then, should you consider donating to Fount of Mercy?

1) We invest in local, pre-existing community organizations. We are focused on their long-term success and sustainability.

2) We are responding to the orphan crisis holistically by addressing the needs of the entire family.

3) We empower women to earn a living wage, provide for their dependents, and become change agents and leaders in their communities.

When you give to Fount, your donation goes a long way towards building capacity. For example, thanks to three generous donations, we will be able to increase our Ugandan Educational Development Program Associate's work from part-time to full-time!

This means more professional development for community school teachers, who are teaching orphans and vulnerable children in outlying villages.  This also means more capacity to complete our new phonics curriculum, allowing us to begin training educators around teaching literacy. 

Please consider donating to Fount of Mercy this season. Together we can encourage lasting, sustainable change in Ugandan communities.

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