Tuesday, December 18, 2012

2012 was a GREAT year for Fount!

This year has been one of the best yet for Fount of Mercy!! Between our four programs, we did trainings for over 400 Ugandan organization leaders, teachers, and youth leaders. With most of our leaders having an average of 80-100 children under his/her influence/care, Fount has impacted countless children! What all these numbers mean is that our work has affected more Ugandan communities than ever! Thank you for your support! We can't do this work without you. We would like to take this opportunity to share some of our highlights from 2012. Program Highlights from 2012 Vocational Development: We finished writing a beginning sewing curriculum, trained 2 local teachers to teach it, taught 2 business classes, led 3 groups in practice projects, and helped set up a village bank. Educational Development: We led a Dance/Art Camp for 3 groups of youth, a long term volunteer helped us write multiple educational development trainings, and we hosted 4 trainings for local teachers. Community Health: Our Community Health Director moved to Uganda for 8 months, developed several curricula, trained a local program associate, and led 2 health workshops for local youth and youth leaders. Organization Development: A long term volunteer developed multiple trainings, hosted 4 trainings for local leaders, and hosted our 2nd Annual Leadership Conference. Travel with Purpose: We hosted 6 short-term volunteers who traveled to Uganda to work with us. Other Highlights from 2012: We employed 3 Ugandan program associates to help facilitate our work in-country; We renewed our foreign NGO (non-government organization) status for 5 more years of work in Uganda; We updated our website and applied for several grants; And Fount of Mercy was named a Top-Rated Women's Empowerment Nonprofit by Great Nonprofits! Looking Forward to 2013 We project even more success this coming year! Our vocational program plans to work with 4-6 more groups doing business classes, practice projects, sewing classes, and farming courses. Our education program is helping 1 community put in an income-generating piggery and holding 6-9 teacher trainings in 2 - 3 communities. Our community health program will hold 4 workshops. And, our organization development program will do 4 trainings. And, here at home, we will keep applying for grants, plan to hold several fundraising events, and will grow our support network. We hope you will continue to be a part of our upcoming work....together we can make 2013 the best year yet! Thank you! -the entire Fount of Mercy staff!

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