Wednesday, September 5, 2012

2nd Annual Leadership Conference

Starting this past Monday we have a couple of volunteers from California who are teaching through our 2nd annual Leadership Conference. We are so excited about this! For those of you who don't remember, last year we had a team travel to Uganda in July and teach the very first Leadership Conference. It was a HUGE success! So much so that our organizational leaders repeatedly asked that we host another one. So... the time is now! Our two volunteers arrived on Sunday and then on Monday, along with April Mulcahy (FOM's Organizational Development Intern), they will all hit the ground running. They are teaching classes on Conflict Resolution, Project Management, Early Childhood Education, Personal Finance, and Bookkeeping. The leadership conference will be slightly different this year because the last day of the conference will be a time for the participants to get into groups where they can encourage networking and peer coaching. There will also be time for consultations with our two volunteers who are leading the conference. Like our Organizational Development Trainings mentioned in last week's Weekly Hello, the purpose of this conference and the follow up activities we are implementing is to get them to support and network each other. Throughout this week the Leadership Conference will be going on in Jinja. Here's to a successful week filled with learning! Fount of Mercy

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