Thursday, August 23, 2012

Life Skills Workshop

We have a couple volunteers traveling to Jinja in September to work with our Community Health Initiative Director, Vanessa Crowley. We're thrilled she's going to have some help and excited about what they will be doing. Vanessa has created a Life Skills Workshop. The workshop was created for both men and women, preferably those who work with adolescents. Our volunteers will be assisting Vanessa in teaching this Life Skills workshop and we're looking forward to what they are able to accomplish. Along with our volunteers from the States, Vanessa has been training a woman named Manuela in Jinja. She will also help teach this workshop in September. Ideally, when Vanessa needs to return to the States, Manuela will continue on her work. A BIG thank you to Vanessa, Manuela, and our September volunteers for their hard work in this Life Skills workshop! Fount of Mercy

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