Friday, May 25, 2012

Intern Update: April Mulcahy - Organization Development Associate

We'd like to introduce you to April Mulcahy. She moved to Uganda in January of this year to work with Fount of Mercy and we are so thankful for her work! She is working in conjunction with Lori Acton, our International Development Director, to develop the impact of our Organizational Development Program. She is training collaborating organizations to improve their basic operation that will lead to greater sustainability among all involved organizations. In her own words: "3 months in, my move to Jinja, Uganda is still an adjustment. It's been challenging. Daily tasks that I feel should be easy (like cooking) are surprisingly hard. And frequently unexpected things occur: My power goes out randomly, or a dog attacked me not too long ago. I now understand the phrase "This is Africa." Developing friendships and community is a slow process here too. I have a wonderful team of five here and I am making friends. Sometimes, however, there are hard moments. I miss having people around who really know me. So it has been a time of personal growth. Things to celebrate: My job is going well! Monday through Friday I go to a café to work. Life moves at a slower pace here. So I get my coffee and work from my laptop. Currently I'm researching, interviewing, and writing curriculum for our Leadership Development Program. Training will begin in June. We are in the middle of exciting work that will equip the Ugandan NGO leaders to go even further. It is challenging me in new ways and thrilling at the same time. Many of them face unimaginable hardships even amidst their efforts to alleviate poverty, disease, and orphan abandonment. " Three cheers for April and the awesome work she is doing with Fount of Mercy in Uganda! Thanks April! ~ Fount of Mercy ~

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