Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Good to be Back

July 19th, 2009
Written By Michelle Averna, Executive Director of Fount of Mercy

It is so good to be back in Uganda!! Each year becomes more familiar and we feel more and more at home. This summer marks our fourth summer working in Uganda and our third summer leading teams. Many of you following our blog have volunteered with us before in the past. Believe me the people you met and the children you played with have not forgotten about you! Already we have been asked to tell you HELLO!

We are expecting this summer to be very exciting and busy. With over 27 volunteers traveling to Uganda to work with us this summer we have our hands full. We are so blessed by the amazing individuals working with us and we look forward to seeing the ways they use their unique skill sets to meet the needs of indigenious organizations caring for oprhans, vulberable children and their caregivers.

So what do we have planned this summer? Great question!

Working with Fount of Mercy's Sewing Hope program five of our volunteers are prepared to teach vocational tailoring classes in Iganga, Wiraka, Mafubira, Idoome and Makindye. The men and women that will be attending these classes meet regularly during the year learning how to sew. The intent is to learn a skill that they can generate income from. Sewing Hope's volunteers will be offering classes that build upon the participants current skill sets and that introduce new designs, patterns and techniques.

Working with Fount of Mercy's Educational Development program eight of our volunteers will be working with teachers, head teachers and principals from Message of Hope Ministries (MOHM) and The AIDS Orphan Support Trust (TAOST) in Iganga and Mafubira. Through strategic development, goal planning and curriculum development Fount of Mercy's Educational Development volunteers hope to help both organizations take huge steps towards their goal of offering quality education for the orphans and vulnerable children in their communities. Where the mornings will be busy consulting with head teachers and administration the afternoons will be spent observing classrooms and offering professional development workshops for the teachers covering the following topics: lesson planning, teaching to the Ugandan Ministry of Education's Standards, child-centered teaching, learning styles, counseling 101, special need inclusion and strategies for teaching math and science.

We are so honored to have First Baptist Archer City with us again in Uganda this summer! First Baptist Archer City has been connected to Fount of Mercy for the past four years!! This summer marks their third summer in Uganda working with Fount of Mercy and Orphans Rescue Ministries (ORM). For the past three years First Baptist Archer City has partnered with Fount in supporting ORM's vocational training, after school and feeding programs. Each year all are amazed at the progress ORM has made in developing their programs and reaching their community. We are all looking forward to seeing the bright smiles of ORM.

Working with Fount of Mercy's International Development Director, Lori Acton, are three amazing individuals. Together this team of four are planning on researching and documenting the work of ORM, MOHM and TAOST. Together, Lori and Melissa will focus specifically on these organizations accounting systems and will offer one on one consultation and advice. Sarah and Bonnie will be meeting and interviewing key individuals that benefit from MOHM, TAOST and ORM's work. The goal is to create solid pieces that represent the need and the positive affect of help. More to come...

In the spirit of empowering and encouraging local leadership in the community, four of our volunteers (with leadership background) will be hosting, in partnership with MOHM, a two day leadership conference. We are planning on receiving anywhere from 100-250 local NGO directors and pastors. WOW!

Building on a previous drawing classed lead by Mari in 2007, Wendy, Micheal and Karmen (traveling from Wichita Falls) will be working with MOHM's vocational tailoring group. Using sketch pads and drawing pencils, the team is prepared to teach 'drawing to scale'. The idea is that learning how to draw to scale will equip these men and women with the tools they need to put their unique style to paper.

And of course whenever we are not working on these specific duties we will all be playing with the children. In the end all of our work is for them !!

We invite you to follow our blog and enjoy the journey with us.

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