Wednesday, July 16, 2008


The things I've seen you could never truly understand unless you've been there and experienced it. But my one snapshot from this trip that I'll try to put into perspective is the time I spent in the oprhanage. When you first arrive you are in awe of the vast diffeences in culture and lifestyles. Being an American, one would think the people and kids would be in terrible shape
emotionally becuase of these differences. But its not true. They are joyful and seem to find contentment in their lives. And when their faces light up and they yell "Mzungu", it gives you a feeling I can't explain becuase happy isn't good enough. Just when you don't think you can feel better the kids run to you, just to say hello and hold your hand. But there are hard parts in every situation and thats saying goodbye. You've been spending a week spending time and gettting to know these kids. Getting close to them and sharing who you are with them, and the relationship you've built has to be put on hold, until you return, if you return.

Ted, 16, Hillcrest Church

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